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Church Fundraising Ideas

Top 5 Fundraising Ideas for Your Church

Church Bazaar 

The good news is that most people will know what a Church bazaar is and be more than happy to get involved, helping to raise funds for your church. 
Usually the members of the church are the main people to get involved, but you can promote the opportunity out to the community with a seasonal emphasis such as a spring clean in April or starting fresh in the New Year. 

Try and get a rough inventory from anyone involved so that you can make sure you have plenty of stalls set up and tables or chairs available on the day.

Stylish bistro tables for the
popular cheese and wine evening.

Cheese & Wine Night
You could encourage local cheese suppliers and wine makers to get involved and run a cheese and wine night.  
Each supplier can run their own stall and offer food or drink tasting. They get a free stall under the condition that they donate a portion of their takings to the chosen charity and promote the event.

This means that not only are you raising funds for the church or your chosen charity but also supporting independent business owners in the community. Of course this one is for adults only unless you plan to have some Ribena for the kids. This can also be run in conjuction with a quiz night.

Quiz / Bingo / Race Nights 
Although these are usually popular in a local pub, a church hall is the ideal location for all of these fundraising events. It would be worth reaching out to any organisers in the area who will be able to help out and have all of the necessary experience to pull it off. 

However, there are plenty of online guides out there on how to run your own quiz, bingo or race night. In order to get an idea of numbers early and raise enough funds we would recommend printing tickets for the event and running a raffle on the night.

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Vintage Fashion Show 
You could work with a local charity shop to run a vintage fashion show. 
The shop would provide clothes and accessories for the evening and those in attendance can buy the items at the event. 

In addition you can have collection boxes and encourage people to bring donations for the shop. You will need to be able to present the items well on folding tables and the shop should be able to bring along some hanging rails and manikins. 

You may even be able to get a leading brand to provide a designer item for auction on the day. 
Most importantly don’t forget to make a catwalk for your charity fashion show.

Glee Competition 
You could rally the local schools, colleges and universities to get involved and run a Glee competition, which is basically a group singing competition with a gospel and choir emphasis – perfect for a church fundraising event. You can set up portable staging for the show and build an auditorium for the audience using folding chairs or stacking benches.

Have You Got Your Fundraising Idea Yet?

There are so many great charities and causes out there. Everyday people just like you are finding inventive ways of generating funds. We hope this guide has been helpful and 

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fundraising event.

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