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The Best Folding Tables Buying Guide

The UK's Best Folding Tables Buying Guide

Folding tables are one of the most versatile pieces of furniture a school, organisation or individual can buy. They are suitable for many different purposes and occasions, whether for school dining, socialising and fundraising in the community, a spot of outdoor dining, a summer street party, or even an essential camping trip accessory. Most of the time though, our minds are more focused on the main event rather than choosing the best folding table for our particular needs and one that will provide the most value.

Not doing the proper research is a mistake that many buyers make and they end up with a folding table that is poorly constructed, unstable and may even collapse without warning, resulting in all sorts of embarrassment. You may find a range of folding tables that can be supplied in a range of different sizes, so it's essential to do your research and make sure that you are purchasing one that is the right size for your needs.

Unfortunately, without proper consideration, you may buy a folding table that ends up being consigned to a dark corner in a storeroom or the garage. In some cases, its days are cut short and it ends up being unceremoniously dumped in a local tip. This cycle then starts again the next time an event or trip comes up and a poor quality or unsuitable table is purchased.

How much weight can a folding table support?

Each of our folding tables have a weight-bearing load of 500kg, meaning that they are suitable for any occasion, no matter what they are being used for...

Don't believe us?

Take a look at the video below and see for yourself! This demonstrates the load bearing of our most inexpensive folding table, so imagine what others could hold.


Our folding tables are strong, durable and built to last a lifetime. Each one comes with a Lifetime Guarantee to demonstrate our confidence in the design, materials and craftsmanship. We are proud to offer a product that is truly sustainable which sets us apart from those organisations who have sadly chosen to offer poor-quality disposable furniture.Contour25


It goes without saying that this is neither cost-effective for the buyer nor environmentally sustainable - it is estimated that over 20 million pieces of furniture are thrown out every year in the UK.

Taking the time to choose the best folding table for your particular needs and ensuring that you are buying one that will last for years, will ensure that you are doing your bit for the environment and helping to reduce the amount of furniture that inevitably ends up in landfill.

Luckily, here at Gopak we know a thing or two about folding tables and have been making them by hand for nearly 70 years in our British factory.

Our expertise and dedication to producing high-quality and sustainable furniture has led to us becoming the UK's leading supplier of lightweight, aluminium framed folding tables, built to last many, many years.


Contour folding table added to a
kitchen table for extra guest

There are considerable differences in the costs of folding tables, which are determined by the quality of the materials used and the craftsmanship in putting them together. The saying, " you get what you pay for" has never been more relevant, as those tables that have been poorly built with inferior materials, will, without doubt, be the cheapest options. You will find folding tables for sale in retail stores and online for as little as £25.

That price tells you something. It is extremely likely that this super cheap folding table will only last a few trips out and then will be consigned to the back of the shed, ready for the next tip run. Therefore buying cheap is not the most cost-effective solution in the long term, as this type of disposable furniture will not withstand multiple uses and will more than likely prove to be unstable and unreliable.

It is far more prudent to invest in a quality folding table based upon your needs, that you can use time and time again. Not only can you be assured that you will benefit from a higher quality piece of furniture that you can rely on, but it will look better, does not necessarily need covering with a cloth and should be available in a choice of colours and designs to complement your wider décor.

You will also benefit from buying a product that is built to last and doing your bit to ensure that you are creating a more sustainable lifestyle.

Here at Gopak, we have ensured that we offer a wide selection of folding tables that are suitable for all budgets and really value for money. Longevity of product life is essential in our design process and we know that there are many Gopak folding tables who are still providing sterling service in excess of 40 years since they were purchased. And with their lightweight aluminium frame, this can be recycled at the end of the table's useful life.


Our Contour Folding Table is the best-selling folding table in the UK and provides plenty of space for dining, meeting and socialising. It has an incredibly strong aluminium frame that is complemented by a plastic laminate table top that is easy to clean and it also boasts a simple fail-safe folding mechanism.

Available in a selection of 17 colours, you can be certain to find a colour to suit your organisation's décor and your personal taste to match your style.  These folding tables are available in a variety of different lengths, meaning that you are certain to find the perfect size for the space available to you.

The table lengths are suitable for the following numbers of people:

    • 3 feet (915mm) - 2 to 4 adults
    • 4 feet (1220mm) - 4 to 6 adults
    • 5 feet (1520mm) - 4 to 6 adults
    • 6 feet (1830mm) - Up to 8 adults

If you prefer to have extra space per person, we recommend our 6-foot tables for 4 to 6 adults - this will give you ample room to spread out your paperwork during meetings or relax and enjoy meals together. When you gather children around our 6ft table, you'll find that 8 little ones fit easily.

Available in three lengths, you can pick up our smallest 3ft x 2ft table for under £100. This size of the table can prove infinitely useful for somewhere to put the tea urn, socialise at coffee mornings, display sale items, complete a jigsaw puzzle or get out the sewing machine.

Unlike cheaper alternatives, you will not be tempted to condemn this table to the scrap heap but will enjoy years and years of use. If the tabletop starts to look a bit tired, you can always throw over a tablecloth to hide any imperfections.

Pop a little table next to the BBQ in the garden to hold the extra accoutrements close at hand, such as sauces and crockery.


Contour25Our Economy Folding table is a cost-effective foldable table for both organisations and domestic buyers on a smaller budget.

It is a high-quality British-made folding table that has been designed to the highest standards with a simple fail-safe folding mechanism that is suitable for a variety of occasions. Our largest-sized Economy Table is 6ft x 2ft and comfortably seats 6 to 8 adults - it can be yours for around about £130.00

Our Lifetime Guarantee applies to all of our foldable tables, so it really is a purchase that will last you for years to come, providing excellent value when compared to multiple purchases of cheaper furniture items.


If you require a table that provides maximum flexibility in terms of its usage, our Premier Folding Tables are what you need.  While still portable, this table boasts an exceptionally strong aluminium frame with a strengthened leg structure and is one of the strongest and most reliable folding tables that you can buy, really giving us the edge over the competition.

These are ideal for a variety of professional purposes, including:

  • School dining rooms
  • Community Halls
  • Leisure Centres
  • Retail Outlets

These folding tables have been meticulously designed for daily and heavy usage and offer a wide range of lengths and widths, meaning that you can be sure to find the ideal heavy-duty table for your needs.


Round Folding Table

Our round folding tables are perfect for those looking for a table that is great for meetings and functions but can be easily folded and stored away when not required.

Available in a diameter of 4ft or 5ft, these folding tables provide a socially-orientated design when dining.

Incredibly strong and durable, these tables have been designed to roll to provide ease of transportation and remove the need to lift and can be folded to a depth of 12cm to maximise storage space when not in use.

Our 4ft round folding tables are available in a variety of heights to suit all age groups from nursery to adult use.  Schools use them for dining and halls use them for meetings and weddings.  Unlike many round folding tables, these ones are built for the longevity of life.



Folding Table Weights

Gopak folding tables come in a range of weights depending on the model and size of the table. Our lightest folding table is the 915 x 610mm (3ft) Contour25, weighing 6.50kg, and our heaviest folding table is the 1529mm (5ft) Round, which weighs 27.50kg.

You can find more detailed information about the weight of each folding table based on its height and length on our product pages.


We all enjoy a spot of outdoor dining or drinks on the patio over the summer months - weather permitting, of course. When hosting friends and family, either sporadically or on a more regular basis you will need a durable and reliable folding table that you can rely on to be sturdy enough to do the job.

It can get boring always eating in the same spot, so choosing a portable folding table is also important so you can easily move it to a different location in your garden if you are fortunate enough to have the space. 

Each of our carefully selected folding tables is suitable for use outdoors and can be easily wiped clean in case of any mishaps thanks to the plastic laminated top and folded away for storage at the end of the day.



Most of us will have spent time working from home and have now become well-adapted to this new way of life. What once seemed certain to only be a temporary measure in 2020, in many cases has now become something more permanent with businesses deciding to embrace the concept of remote or hybrid working.

This means that you may need to have a permanent place inside your home where you can work. While the kitchen countertop or the coffee table in the lounge may have served its purpose at one point, you need to find a better solution long term.

With space being a premium in many of our homes, ensuring that you choose a piece of furniture that allows you to be flexible is essential. This is when choosing a folding table for home working is the most viable solution, as it means that you can benefit from it providing the required space during your working hours, which can then be folded up at the end of the day to reclaim the space in your home and ensure that you are keeping your professional and personal lives separate.

We have many happy customers who have purchased and benefited from using our folding tables to work from home. Any of our folding tables are suitable for home working but we have put together our personal recommendations below that are all tried and tested.

3ft Contour Folding Table

The Contour folding table in 91.5cm x 68.5cm is the perfect-sized table for those looking for a flexible working-from-home desk. Its size means that you will not take up too much space during the day before folding it away during the evening. If you prefer something away from the hustle and bustle of daily home life, it is compact enough to fit into a spare corner elsewhere in your home. When complemented by one of our high-quality folding chairs, this really is the perfect flexible furniture solution when working from home.

If more than one of you is working from home, then the Contour 5ft folding table is large enough to seat 2 adults working on laptops. Again, like the smaller version, this too can be folded away and offers far greater amounts of flexibility compared to traditional home office equipment, while also having the benefit of being repurposed for other uses.

Gopak has been proudly providing the Scouts and Guides communities with furniture for decades.  Throughout the UK, our most popular folding tables as used for weekly group activities and annual camping trips. This is due to them being incredibly robust and durable but also easy to transport.


The versatility of our foldable tables means that they are suitable for every purpose throughout any camping trip and can be easily transported to your camping destination in the back of a car or vehicle.

  • When choosing a folding table for camping, you need to make sure that it enables you to do the following:
  • Prepare and cook food
  • Have enough space to eat meals around the table
  • Easily clean up after meals
  • Carry out various activities, such as playing card games and crafting
  • Use it is a focal point where everyone can gather
  • Is the right height to match your camping chairs or benches

What could be better than having a folding table designed specifically for playing board games or cards?

Our Folding Games Table is ideal for card playing including whist drives, poker games and patience. Board games that have lots of components benefit from a surface which grips slightly and the baize top of the folding tames table does just that. Enjoy the likes of Rummikub®, Scrabble® and Cluedo® with the completely flush table edge and a perfect playing service for up to 4 players.

It may well be smaller than some of our other folding tables, but it certainly does not compromise on quality and is as strong and stable as our others. It also has a weight-bearing load of 500kg.


Our folding tables have long been popular with those seeking a folding display table for conferences, events and exhibitions. This is thanks to their stability and a weight-bearing load of 500kg, making them a reliable solution for product displays for a variety of businesses.

It is imperative that the folding table provides robust stability that you can rely on, especially if you are displaying heavy products over the course of several days - we have developed the best display foldable table for your needs that will exceed your expectations.

Vantage Folding Tables

The Vantage is the perfect foldable display table for product displays at exhibitions, product launches and conferences. The weight-bearing load of 500kg is further enhanced with Posi-lock folding technology that provides strength and stability that is comparable to a fixed leg table.

Its unrivalled stability means that you can be assured that it will be up to the job of displaying your products for a lifetime. This is complemented by incredible durability, meaning that it is perfectly suited for being transported between venues and locations.

Weighing between 13.75kg to 24.25kg, it can be transported and set up by members of your team, however, we would recommend using our specially-designed Gopak trolley as an ideal transport and storage solution for ease of use.

Folding Tables

If you regularly host banqueting events, then you will be aware of the key role that both the furniture and its arrangement can play in setting the tone of the event.

This includes ensuring that guests are able to socialise thanks to both the layout and types of tables used.

Having lightweight furniture that can easily be moved on an event-by-event basis means that you will be able to offer guests the very best experience.

The arrangement of the furniture is also key when it comes to determining the amount of space available for your guests.

If you are including a buffet service, for example, you need to ensure that there is enough space for your guests to move around and enjoy themselves.

When choosing the best banquet table for your needs, it is important to ensure that your venue is able to adapt on an event-by-event basis, and even have the ability to quickly make changes to open up the space, if required.

With these considerations in mind, we have included the best banqueting folding tables for your event.


Round Folding Tables

Our Round Folding Table is the best banqueting table when you wish to ensure that your guests are able to socialise as much as possible. This makes them ideal for a wide range of events, including weddings.

We offer our round folding table in a wide range of heights to cater for small children through to adults and as either 4ft or 5ft in diameter.

With an easy-to-clean plastic laminate surface in a range of 17 colours, you can be certain to find the right colour to match the décor of your space.


Contour Plus Folding Table

Our Contour Plus folding table offers the perfect combination of being lightweight but extra stable with an exceptionally strong aluminium frame, making it the perfect banqueting table with a simple fail-safe folding mechanism that you can use on a regular basis with confidence.

We have also further strengthened the legs to provide even great levels of stability. The table's easy-to-clean plastic laminate surface means that it will remain in optimal condition and be easy to clean once the event has concluded.

Weighing between 8kg to 14 kg and folding to a depth of only 85mm, these banqueting folding tables offer easy handling and storage.


The Contour is our flagship product and the most instantly recognisable Gopak folding table that is synonymous with British street parties, fetes and school events. It is dynamic and lightweight while offering the flexibility and durability required to be used year after year in the toughest environments.

It has a load-bearing capability of 500kg, meaning that you can be assured that it has the reliability and stability to be used for your event. This makes it ideal for displaying items or prizes, or as a dining table that provides stability on uneven surfaces.

We offer our Contour Folding Table in a range of heights and sizes that are suitable for small children through to adults with an unrivalled choice of lengths and widths, perfect for your individual requirements.


Economy Folding Table for tight budgets

We know that many groups and organisations are required to work to strict budget constraints, which is where our Economy table is the ideal solution.

This British handmade budget folding table does not compromise on quality and comes with an exceptionally strong aluminium frame.

As with our Contour Folding Table, this too offers a load-bearing of 500kg and is every bit as stable and reliable. It is this combination of quality and affordability that has led to this being a firm favourite of youth groups, churches and charities.

Available in 6 sizes with a height of 698mm with a fold depth of 85mm, our Economy folding table offers easy handling and storage.


The best folding table for Arts & Crafting?

When choosing an arts and crafting table, you need to ensure that it is suitable for a variety of purposes:

  • Does the table have enough space for the different equipment needed?
  • Is the table sturdy enough to ensure for the activities involved?
  • Does it have adequate load-bearing to cope with any heavy equipment?
  • Can the table be cleaned easily after each use?

Our folding tables have long been popular with those seeking them out for arts and crafts, especially by those looking for a table that has both the size and load-bearing for a variety of equipment to be placed on it and that can be easily cleaned and stored away between uses.

Making clothes and soft furnishings has long been a popular hobby, but with greater exposure thanks to TV shows, more and more individuals are taking up this hobby. Our folding tables continue to be a favourite for any buddy seamstress, quilter or home crafter, being so easy to fold away and store when not being used.

We have put together our most popular arts and crafting folding tables below.


Round Folding Tables

Our Round Folding Table is ideal if you are looking for art and crafting folding table that encourages greater levels of interaction thanks to its socially-orientated design, such as for adult art clubs and crafting circles.

As with the Vantage, our Round Folding Table has been designed to provide maximum stability and durability thanks to its strong aluminium chassis and steel legs.

We offer our round folding tables in a wide range of heights and sizes.

These folding tables are easy to clean thanks to their plastic laminate surface, which is available in a range of 17 colours and folds to a depth of 110mm to maximise the storage space that you have available. It offers a load-bearing weight of 500kg meaning that you can place a variety of crafts equipment on the table, if required.

We have specially designed our round folding table so that it can be rolled, eliminating the need for lifting. If you will need to transport your round art and crafting table on a regular basis, then our Gopak-designed table trolley offers ease of transportation and is also an ideal storage solution.  The tables can also be stacked one on top of another minimising storage space.


Premier Folding Table

When choosing an arts and crafting table, you need to ensure that it is suitable for a variety of purposes:

  • Does the table have enough space for the different equipment needed?
  • Is the table sturdy enough to ensure for the activities involved?
  • Does it have adequate load-bearing to cope with any heavy equipment?
  • Can the table be cleaned easily after each use?

Our folding tables have long been popular with those seeking them out for arts and crafts, especially by those looking for a table that has both the size and load-bearing for a variety of equipment to be placed on it and that can be easily cleaned and stored away between uses.

Making clothes and soft furnishings has long been a popular hobby, but with greater exposure thanks to TV shows, more and more individuals are taking up this hobby. Our folding tables continue to be a favourite for any buddy seamstress, quilter or home crafter, being so easy to fold away and store when not being used.

We have put together our most popular arts and crafting folding tables below.

Each and every one of our folding tables have been specially designed and handcrafted to offer unrivalled stability versus the actual weight of the product. Over the years we have continually invested in the design and materials of our folding tables and we have designed lightweight folding tables for ease of portability and heavy-duty folding tables that are our sturdiest and strongest yet and we can confidently say that they will never let you down!

Our Premier folding table is designed using the same iconic twin-leg design as our bestselling Contour folding table, but this one has the extra edge, with a strong, impact-resistant polyurethane edge.

The load wearing on the Premier table is remarkable, with no deflection when adding heavy objects on the top.  It's a super strong table for everyday use and is still light enough to carry into a van for market stall owners.

Couple the same polyurethane edge with an extra heavy-duty frame and you have the Vantage folding table. The Goliath in our range, the Vantage table has stability comparable with any fixed-leg table and really is a heavyweight amongst folding tables.

Vantage Folding Table

The Vantage is our strongest and sturdiest folding table on the market.
It has been expertly designed to offer robust strength and stability that is comparable to a fixed-leg table but can be folded away when not in use.

Offering unrivalled support for a variety of purposes, whether it is being used for displays in exhibitions or as a crafts table or desk where you need to place heavy equipment as you work and have unrivalled stability.

As this folding table is extra sturdy and heavy-duty, we would recommend it for semi-permanent situations, or where you have a dedicated team who will be able to handle it for you - please note, that the smallest sizes weighing 13.75kg with the heaviest being 24.25kg, so a two-man lift is definitely recommended.

Universal Folding Table

If you require a strong and sturdy folding table that you don't need to carry about or fold down on a more regular basis, then look no further than our Universal folding table.  It's a heavy-duty and heavy-weight table with an aluminium frame and strong steel legs. Ideally suited for those who occasionally need to fold the table away to make space.

Cheaper and inferior products will have a limited lifespan and will ultimately need to be replaced relatively quickly compared to when investing in premium and better quality folding tables. The materials and build quality of these tables will often not offer the levels of quality you require, leading to mishaps occurring when your table is in use.  It is likely that they will be available in limited top sizes and heights with no choice of the top colour. It may be white, or white!

If you are looking for a folding table for a one-off event or usage, we would implore you to try and borrow one, or even seek out the services of a furniture rental company for the occasion. We strongly believe that the reliance on disposable furniture is unsustainable in the long term and has a direct impact on our planet.

However, unfortunately, this is not the only drawback of choosing to purchase cheaper furniture. Tables with inferior quality will tend to use an old-fashioned sliding clip to release the legs which poses greater risks for accidents and can prove to be particularly cumbersome to handle. These types of folding tables also tend to have excessive weight levels, meaning that they will often require several people to lift and transport them. Alternatively, you may come across folding tables that are light in weight but have limited load bearing and may sag in the middle when weight is added.

For those using tables for the display of precious items, nobody wants to see their products or produce sliding, unceremonially into each other on an
inferior folding table.

Contact us for Further Information

We would like to thank you for reading our guide to the best folding tables and hope you found the right folding table for your needs. We also offer a wide range of fixed and foldable tables that are suitable for a variety of purposes, including café tables, office tables, classroom tables and much more!

If you would like further information about our products and services, or if you have a specific request, please contact our friendly team who will be delighted to be of assistance. As you may have guessed we are pretty passionate about folding tables. After all, it's what we do best.

Making folding furniture since 1954