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The Best Folding Chairs Buying Guide


Folding chairs are versatile pieces of furniture that are remarkably useful for so many reasons. They can be used for various circumstances in professional settings, whether providing seating for school pupils during an assembly, social gatherings in community halls, for conferences and events or even performance venues that require flexible seating options to meet their capacity requirements. 

They’re also handy both in and out of the home and can be used in many different places. Whether it’s relaxing in the garden or soaking up the rays on holiday at the beach, a folding chair will be one of the handiest pieces of furniture that you’ll ever purchase.

Most of the time, though, we tend not to give too much attention when choosing the best folding chairs for our particular needs, which can mean that they’re not always suitable. This is particularly the case for those who require a folding chair for outdoor use but inadvertently purchase one suited for use indoors.

Taking the time to choose the best folding chair for your needs helps ensure that your new chairs will last for years while ensuring that you’re doing your bit to avoid the endless cycle of furniture ending up in a landfill.

Here at Gopak, we’ve been designing and building a range of foldable furniture for many decades in our British factory, including our iconic folding tables, which are the ideal complement to our folding chairs.

Our experience and dedication to producing sustainable furniture of the highest quality have led to us becoming the UK’s leading supplier of foldable furniture that’s built to last for many years to come. 


Folding chairs, once a staple of summer garden parties, school productions and outdoor events, have evolved into a versatile feature of modern homes and offices across the UK. As people’s living situations and attitudes towards sustainability have changed, so has the demand for furniture that offers versatility and sustainability. This has led to folding chairs becoming an essential item for homeowners, people in rented accommodation and even businesses looking to make the best use of the space available and move away from the never-ending cycle of unsustainable furniture.

Let’s look at each of these to better understand why folding chairs are ideal for those requiring a versatile seating solution.

Space saving

In recent years we’ve seen an increase in demand for people wishing to buy or rent flats – especially for people living in urban centres where living spaces are often smaller. In these instances, folding chairs provide versatility and help ensure that people are making the best use of the space available to them.

When not in use, these versatile pieces of furniture can be quickly and conveniently stored away behind sofas, under beds or in cupboards, ensuring that floor space can be made available when additional seating isn’t required. This makes them the ideal choice for those living in studio apartments or one-bedroom flats who are keen on entertaining regularly, whether hosting dinner parties or just having a few friends over for a catch-up.


Their lightweight design means that folding chairs can be quickly moved from one place to another indoors and outdoors. Whether you’re planning a school performance, an outdoor get-together with friends over dinner on the patio, or even planning a wedding ceremony or function, folding chairs are easy to carry and transport and provide comfortable seating when needed. 


One of the most appealing benefits of folding chairs is their versatility. Available in various designs and colours, they can cater to a range of aesthetic preferences and functional requirements. From minimalist designs ideal for a modern living room to durable weather-resistant models suitable for outdoor use, there’s a folding chair to suit any need. 

Whether you’re in search of a smart-looking folding chair to complement your office décor, some colourful chairs to add a touch of vibrancy to a garden party or a deluxe range of folding chairs for hosting corporate events, the wide range of folding chairs available means you can be sure to find the perfect folding chair for you.


There are many different types of folding chairs made from various materials and designed for specific purposes. This can make choosing the best folding chair for your particular requirements something of a challenge. 

The most important considerations to ask yourself before choosing the best folding chair are:

•    Where will the chairs be used; will they be used both indoors and outdoors?
•    Will both adults and children use them; if the folding chairs will be used for a range of adults, this will need to be reflected by a higher weight-bearing load.
•    Will the folding chair need to be transported regularly, or will it be kept in one place? 
•    How long will people be using the folding chairs? If they’re sitting on them for an extended period, you’ll need to ensure they’re both comfortable and provide support for the back.

Let’s take a closer look at the most common types of folding chairs available to buy.


Plastic folding chairs

Plastic folding chairs tend to be the most popular type of folding chairs as they’re affordable, transportable, durable and easy to clean. As they’re made with plastic, they also come in a greater variety of colours to match your home’s décor or company’s branding.


•    One of the main advantages of plastic folding chairs is their lightweight construction. This makes them easier to move, store, or transport from location to location, making them ideal for those requiring a flexible seating option. 
•    They tend to be more affordable than other foldable chairs, making them the ideal choice for those on a budget that needs to go a little further. However, despite their lower price point, they still offer strong levels of durability and can withstand heavy use over sustained periods.
•    They can be quickly and efficiently cleaned; this is ideal if they’re used in a school dining room, work canteen or outside. A simple wipe-down with a damp cloth is all that is normally required to keep them clean.


•    While plastic folding chairs can be comfortable for short periods of time, sitting in them for long periods can be less comfortable compared to upholstered folding chairs, for example.
•    They may have less weight-load bearing than other folding chairs, which could be a key consideration for some.
Plastic folding chairs may not always be the ideal folding chair for those requiring seating for extended periods of time, but they are particularly suitable for those looking for a lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean chair. This makes them particularly suitable for places such as schools, cafeterias and public events where maintenance and affordability are top priorities. 

Despite their possible disadvantages when it comes to comfort and weight capacity, their many benefits make them an ideal choice for businesses requiring affordable, practical seating and individuals who need folding chairs that offer ease of portability and storage.


Metal folding chairs

Metal folding chairs also offer ease of transportation, durability and versatility but have the bonus of being able to be used indoors and even for occasional outdoor use. This makes them particularly suitable for outdoor summer performances, school sports days, various indoor events, or even around the home. 

They are also suitable for frequent use and can be used regularly without showing significant signs of wear and tear. This is why they often tend to be the folding chair of choice in commercial settings, including convention centres, schools and places of worship.


•    Metal folding chairs are renowned for their strength and durability. This makes them the ideal folding chair if you intend to use them frequently.
•    Their sturdy construction shows minimal wear and tear, even with frequent indoor and outdoor use, making them an excellent long-term investment.
•    Despite their robust build, opting for lightweight metal folding chairs means they can be easily transported when required.


•    While being suitable for outdoor use, the majority are not appropriate for being used outdoors for an extended period and may degrade over time when exposed to the elements. If you require a folding chair that requires more outdoor than indoor use, the best foldable chair for your needs is a steel folding chair. One of our most popular folding chairs for outdoor use is the Aran Folding Chair, which is both UV and water-resistant.
•    As with plastic folding chairs, they can be uncomfortable if used for an extended period due to the lack of padding or upholstery and can be cold to sit on during winter months.


Upholstered folding chairs

Upholstered folding chairs are the best choice for those seeking comfort and support. This makes them the perfect folding chairs for situations where individuals will be seated for extended periods; these chairs have cushioned fabric seats with additional padding to provide higher levels of comfort. 

This type of folding chair is usually made with a sturdy metal frame, providing strong support and helping to encourage better posture. This makes them the best folding chair for various occasions, whether it’s an all-day conference, social event or even as a chair for a home office.


•    Provide superior comfort levels compared to other types of folding chairs, making them ideal for all-day events, conferences and other events where attendees will be seated for extended periods.
•    Available in an array of colours, patterns and materials, upholstered folding chairs are a versatile choice. They enable businesses and venues to choose the perfect colour to match their brand or décor. 
•    Upholstered folding chairs are often more aesthetically pleasing and can enhance the décor and ambience of both business, community and domestic settings.


•    These folding chairs require more maintenance than plastic or metal chairs. If hosting events, any tea or coffee spills can cause unsightly staining – this means that if they’re to be used regularly, cleaning will be required to ensure they remain in the best condition possible.
•    While they can be used for outdoor events when good weather is guaranteed, overall, they’re less suitable for outdoor use and tend to be more susceptible to weather damage.
•    As mentioned previously, they are constructed with durable frames, but the fabric can become worn over time, primarily through heavy use. 
While upholstered folding chairs may not be the ideal solution for every occasion, they offer a wide range of benefits, especially regarding comfort and aesthetics. Whether required for business meetings, conferences or social events at home, they provide strong levels of comfort and style.


When looking for the best folding chairs for schools, you must know you’re getting the most value for your budget.
Gopak has been supplying schools across the UK with foldable chairs for decades for various school activities, including assemblies, classroom seating, dining halls and theatrical productions.
Our folding chairs offer exceptional value for educational institutions and we offer discounted pricing for those purchasing in bulk, meaning you can be sure that you’re getting the most for your budget.

Economy Folding Chair

Our Economy Folding Chairs are sturdy yet lightweight and versatile, making them the ideal partner for our folding tables, especially for schools looking for a light, portable folding chair for dining halls, thanks to only weighing 3kg. This folding chair folds and interlocks, offering compact storage and can be stacked or hung when stored away.

Comfort Poly Folding Chair

The Comfort Poly is our bestselling folding chair that’s stylish and lightweight and has been specially designed to offer extra levels of comfort thanks to its high contour back. Weighing only 3kg with a convenient handhold, these folding chairs can be easily transported to various school buildings and quickly and securely stored away when not in use. Available in packs of eight, we offer discounts when ordering in bulk to help make sure your school is making the best use of its budget.

Economy Padded Folding Chair

Our Economy Padded Folding Chair has been designed to ensure that educational institutions get the most out of their budget. Not only does this folding chair offer a strong and durable design, but it is also padded to support the back and provide optimal comfort levels. With a weight of 5.5kg, this folding chair offers both ease of transportation and storage and we also have specially designed chair storage trolleys available.


A good quality folding chair is one of the most essential camping luxuries. Whether sitting outside your tent chatting with family and friends or relaxing at the end of a long day exploring, a comfortable folding chair for camping trips is an absolute must. 
When choosing the best folding chairs for your camping trips, there are a few essential things you need to keep in mind to ensure you get the right one for your needs. If you’re lucky enough to have your car or campervan near to where you’ll be using your folding chair, you don’t need to worry as much about transportability compared to parking your wheels elsewhere.
Of course, we can’t mention camping without the Great British weather! While we have our balmy moments, it goes without saying that it’s more than a little unpredictable, so ensuring your folding chair is intended for outdoor use is essential. Otherwise, it might end up short-lived. Not all of us go camping during the summer months and some enjoy the outdoors during the cooler months; for these trips, you’ll need a folding chair that is remarkably durable against the elements.
With all these things in mind, we’ve put together our selection of the best folding chairs for camping below – all of our best foldable chairs come in packs of 4, making them an ideal purchase for the whole family.

All Steel Folding Chair

The All Steel Folding Chair is a strong and practical folding chair made from durable steel. It offers a maximum load weight of 115kg and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use; we recommend storing these indoors to preserve their longevity when not camping. Weighing only 5kg,

it offers easy transportation while folding for compact storage in the car or when not in use.


Smart Folding Chair

If you’re searching for a practical foldable camping chair that you’ll need to carry a bit further than just moving it from the car, then the Smart Folding Chair in black is the best folding chair for you. 

Weighing in at only 3.5kg, it has a handhold, and it’s also sculpted to offer extra levels of comfort. It’s wipe-clean, making it an ideal foldable chair for sitting down to a leisurely lunch or dinner together. Thanks to being fully UV resistant, it’s suitable for those sunnier climes; we recommend storing the Smart Folding Chair indoors when you’re back home.

Aran Folding Chair

We may be a little biased, but we truly believe the Aran Folding Chair is the best fold-up camping chair you buy – it’s not every day that you find a folding chair this comfortable! Not only does it look the part, but it also has a perforated seat and back to help keep you cool during those warmer days or evenings on the campsite. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a more robust camping chair and it has a maximum load of 204kg. As it’s both UV and water-resistant, it’s ideal for those happy to camp during the more unpredictable months.

Pair these chairs with a Gopak folding table and you will have the perfect camping kit which will be greatly admired by your neighbouring campers.


We offer a wide selection of foldable chairs for churches, church halls and other places of worship, ensuring that capacity can be increased as and when required.

This could be in the church or place of worship or a hall for community or charity-orientated events. In addition to offering foldable chairs for churches, we have a range of stacking benches that can be used as foldable church pews, if necessary, and can quickly and easily be stored away when not in use.

We have compiled our selection of the best folding chairs for churches and other places of worship below; remember, we offer discounts when purchasing folding chairs or stacking benches in bulk. 

Economy Folding Chair

If you need an affordable folding chair for your place of worship, our Economy Folding Chair is the ideal solution thanks to its robust, lightweight and versatile design. It can be quickly and easily stored away when not used and is even suitable for transporting to external religious events and ceremonies.

These budget folding chairs are sold in packs of eight and offer excellent value for churches looking to make the best use of their available budget.

All Steel Folding Chair With Vinyl Seat

The All Steel Folding Chair With Vinyl Seat offers supreme comfort and durability, making it the ideal choice for religious organisations requiring a folding chair that worshippers will use for a more extended ceremony.

As well as offering a comfortable padded seat and back, it is also upholstered in wipe-clean vinyl with a strengthened double cross-brace to provide greater durability and stability. 


BIG Classic Folding Chair

The BIG Classic Folding Chair is ideal for churches requiring an extra solid, wide folding chair with a greater load-bearing capacity of 250kg. Despite its heavy-duty strength, this folding chair offers true versatility. It is equally appropriate due to being durable enough to provide semi-permanent seating that can be quickly and easily cleared when not being used. 

Weighing in at only 4kg, it is also light enough to be transported from location to location as and when required – it also folds and interlocks for compact storage in both buildings and vehicles. If you’re interested in purchasing this heavy-duty folding chair in bulk, we offer fantastic savings when purchasing our BIG Classic Chair & Trolley bundle.

If you’re particularly keen on entertaining guests, especially during the key festive periods, then you’ll know that folding chairs are an ideal choice for when you need to expand your seating without having to make do with less floor space permanently. Once the fun is over, the foldable chairs can be stored away for the next time. They’re convenient for people living in flats or small properties who love entertaining but want to ensure they make the best use of the available space. 

They’re also the ideal solution for those outdoor BBQs we all enjoy during the summer months because, let’s face it, having to haul ordinary chairs between the house and garden is no fun!

If you’re looking for the best folding dining chairs for the home, take a look at our top choices below.

Economy Folding Chair

The Economy Folding Chair is ideal for those requiring cost-effective folding dining chairs for when friends or family visit. Weighing in at only 3kg, these budget-friendly folding chairs can be discreetly stored away in a corner, behind a sofa or under a bed when not in use. We offer these folding dining chairs in four colours so you can find the perfect colour to complement your home’s existing décor. 

They are ideal for practical and casual dining, especially in the kitchen or for short periods outdoors. They are easy to clean, making them the perfect choice for families with young children.

Comfort Steel Folding Chair

The Comfort Steel Folding Chair has a steel frame and seat with a polypropylene back designed to offer superior comfort and support. This is a metal folding chair that requires low maintenance levels and can be quickly and easily folded away when not in use; its compact design also means it can be stored in various locations around the home.

With a weight-bearing load of 18kg yet weighing only 5kg, this dynamic folding chair is suitable for a range of extra guests coming to lunch or dinner. It can be easily transported around the home and is ideal for adults and children.


Economy Padded Folding Chair

If you’re in search of a foldable chair suitable for dining that offers more comfort while offering affordability, the Economy Padded Folding Chair is the right one for you. As with our other best folding dining chairs for the home, this folding chair provides the ideal combination of comfort and durability.

Whether you’re looking to spend a quiet afternoon reading a book in the garden, hosting a lively barbecue, or simply spending an evening with friends and family, folding chairs provide an ideal seating solution that balances aesthetics with comfort and practicality. Lightweight, easy to store and designed to endure the outdoors, a carefully chosen folding chair can enhance your outdoor experience. Find the best folding garden and patio chairs for you below.

All Steel Folding Chair

The All Steel Folding Chair is a strong and practical folding chair ideal for those who require extra seating for guests around a table or even to provide seating around the garden during a barbecue. Strong and durable, they can be easily maintained, and are lightweight enough to be carried in and out of the house into the garden. While they are suitable for outdoor use, they should be stored inside to ensure they last as long as possible.

Aran Folding Chair

The Aran Folding Chair offers an excellent size and is exceptionally comfortable; not only that, but its attractive design enhances any outdoor space, making it an ideal folding chair for the patio or garden. It’s also more suitable than the All Steel Folding Chair for being used outdoors thanks to being UV and water resident, meaning it can be stored for extended periods outdoors during the summer months – we’d still recommend that it’s kept indoors where possible to preserve its longevity. 

It’s also suitable for all ages and with a maximum load bearing of 240kg, it’s ideal for a range of people. Thanks to its wipe-clean surface, it is also especially suited as an outdoor dining chair.


Smart Folding Chair

If you’re searching for a stylish folding chair for the garden or patio that’s both comfortable and practical, then the Smart Folding Chair should be top of your list.
Weighing a mere 3.5kg, it can be easily moved between the house and the patio for lunches and dinners or spots in the garden if you’re chasing the sun; it’s also fully UV resistant, so you don’t need to worry about sun damage. 

Despite its lightweight design, this is still a solid and durable folding chair that provides optimum comfort and support and with a maximum load of 115kg, it is suitable for a range of adults and children.

When hosting an event or conference, ensuring your attendees are comfortable for the duration should be a top priority. A carefully considered choice of seating can significantly impact the overall experience, with a comfortable seat ensuring that your guests are more engaged with the speakers and that their attention spans are held for the whole event. 

From a logistics point of view, you also need to choose folding chairs that offer easy transportation and can be moved from room to room or venue with minimal fuss. This is why folding chairs are ideal; they’re easy to set up, move around and store away when not in use. They offer high levels of functionality and they don’t have to compromise on aesthetics. 
Find the best folding chairs for your conference or event below.

Comfort Steel Folding Chair With Upholstered Seat

The Comfort Steel Folding Chair With Upholstered Seat has been designed with a deeply contoured back complemented by an upholstered seat. It provides exceptional comfortable support, making it the “go-to” folding chair for conferences and events. It offers ease of portability thanks to a handhold to make transporting and handling the folding chair seamless. 

Available in a range of fabric and shell colours, you can match the colours of the chair to that of the branding of your event if you wish to do so. If you would prefer to have the possibility to link the seats together, we also offer the Comfort Steel Folding With Upholstered Seat & Link.

All Steel Folding Upholstered Chair

The All Steel Folding Upholstered Folding Chair is the ideal combination of comfort and durability. Thanks to being crafted from steel while having a comfortable padded seat and backrest, it offers optimal levels of robustness thanks to being strengthened with a twin double riveted cross-brace. This makes it ideal for organisations that host events regularly and require a folding chair that will withstand heavy usage while not sacrificing comfort.


Budget Comfort Padded Folding Chair

If you’re organising a conference or event and need to make the best use of the available budget, the Budget Comfort Padded Folding Chair is the best conference or events folding chair for you. It has an identical frame to our immensely popular Comfort Upholstered Folding Chair, so you can be assured it doesn’t compromise on quality and robustness. It provides exceptional comfort and support, and its lightweight design means it can be quickly and conveniently stored away after use.

Over recent years we’ve seen a shift away from traditional office environments, with many businesses opting to take a hybrid approach to the workplace. This means there needs to be a certain amount of adaptability from the company’s perspective when making the best use of office space and ensuring that employees can work collaboratively when they wish to do so.

Folding chairs have become increasingly popular with businesses looking to provide their workers with a comfortable seating solution while allowing the company to have the ability to arrange the workspace when required depending on the number of staff in the office while having the option to store them away with minimal fuss when not being used. 

The best office folding chairs will either be metal or unholstered because they need to be robust enough to withstand regular usage and ensure that workers are provided with the required comfort during the working day.

Comfort Steel Folding Chair

If you’re a workplace looking for a low-maintenance folding chair that can be easily folded and stored away, then the Comfort Steel Folding Chair is the best office foldable chair for your requirements. Boasting a sturdy steel frame and seat with a polypropylene back, this foldable chair for the office provides high levels of comfort and support. This makes it suitable if you require seating for meetings and want to make the best use of the space available. 

We would advise that you look at the following recommendations if you’re searching for folding office chairs for your employees that’ll be used for a full working day.


The Comfort Steel Folding Chair With Upholstered Seat

The Comfort Steel Folding Chair With Upholstered Seat offers the same robustness as the Comfort Steel Folding Chair but has an upholstered seat to provide your workers with greater comfort so they can be comfortable enough to do their best work possible. It also has a handhold that makes handling the chair and putting it away as streamlined as possible.

Attention to detail is paramount when planning a wedding or party, including the guests’ seating. Folding chairs, especially upholstered ones, offer the optimal balance of practicality, style and comfort.

This makes them particularly suitable for events such as weddings or formal dinners where guests will be seated to eat and drink for extended periods. This ensures that guests can appreciate the event and their surroundings fully. They are quick and easy to set up, making them immensely popular with event planners looking for the best folding chair for weddings or parties.

All Steel Folding Chair With Vinyl Seat

The All Steel Folding Chair With Vinyl Seat is the perfect combination of comfort and practicality when it comes to fusing elegance, comfort and practicality. Its robust steel build is complemented with a supremely comfortable padded seat and back in wipe-clean vinyl, making it the best folding chair for weddings and parties so any spillages from food or drink can be wiped away without affecting the chair's longevity.


Comfort Steel Poly Folding Chair With Vinyl Seat

The Comfort Steel Poly Folding Chair With Vinyl Seat is another ideal choice if you’re looking for foldable chairs for weddings or parties. Designed with a deeply contoured back to offer comfort and support, this folding chair also has a wipe-clean vinyl seat to ensure it can be cleaned with minimal fuss and eradicate the risks of unsightly stains. Available in a variety of shell and vinyl colours, you can be assured of finding the perfect colour to complement the event’s décor.

Music festivals and concerts bring together crowds looking to enjoy listening to their favourite music and soaking up the festival atmosphere. While we can all appreciate a good festival, ensuring that you have a practical and lightweight festival chair is essential to ensure you enjoy the event as much as possible. 

Folding chairs are the ideal choice for a festival or concert chair, especially those that are robust yet lightweight. We’ve listed the best folding chairs for music festivals and concerts below.

Comfort Poly Folding Chair

The Comfort Poly is our best-selling folding chair that’s designed with a high contour back to provide comfort and support.

It’s particularly suitable if you’re looking for a portable festival chair thanks to its convenient handhold that lets you carry it around with ease thanks to weighing only 3kg – making it suitable for both festival and concertgoers and organisers looking for a convenient seating solution.

Smart Folding Chair

The Smart Folding Chair is stylish and elegant and has a sculptured seat with an integral handle for easy transportation.

If you’re a festival or concert organiser looking for a foldable chair that won’t face wear and tear from the sun, this is the folding chair for you, thanks to being UV resistant.


All Steel Folding Chair

Solid and robust, the All Steel Folding Chair offers a strong build, making it suitable for sustained usage, resulting in minimal wear and tear.

It’s also ideal if you’re hosting a concert throughout the summer and would like the chairs to be kept outdoors most of the time as they can better stand up to the elements compared to the Comfort Poly and Smart Folding Chair – we recommend storing them indoors overnight and when not being used.

When it comes to sports and outdoor activities, having the correct seating can make a big difference. Folding chairs are ideal for various sports and outdoor activities, whether partaking in a sport like fishing or watching a local sporting event. We’ve collated the best portable chairs for sporting events and outdoor activities to ensure comfort and support while watching or partaking.

Aran Folding Chair

The Aran Folding Chair is a strong and durable folding chair that is arguably the best folding chair for sports.

Not only is it incredibly comfortable, but you also don’t need to worry about any unexpected downpours thanks to it being fully water resistant; it’s also ideal for watching cricket games in the summer months, thanks to being UV resistant.

Smart Folding Chair

The Smart Folding Chair is also an ideal portable folding chair for watching sports thanks to its lightweight design – it only weighs 3.5kg meaning it can be easily transported with its handhold. It also has a wipeable surface meaning it’s quick and easy to clean, while you can also use it outside during the summer months thanks to it being UV resistant.

While we wouldn’t recommend keeping it outdoors, it’s suitable for outdoor use during the warmer months and won’t be overly impacted in the event of being caught out by unexpected showers.


Still trying to decide which is the best foldable chair for you?

We thank you for reading our best folding chair buying guide; we hope you find the best folding chair for your needs. In addition to our folding chairs, we offer a wide range of stacking benches and fixed chairs, including stackable chairs, banqueting chairs, classroom chairs, wooden chairs and much more!

If you have any questions or would like advice about choosing a folding chair, please contact our friendly customer services team, who would be able to help.

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