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Proud manufacturers of Gopak tables, benches, trolleys and Ultralight staging.

How to choose the right portable staging setup


Finding the ideal staging system 

Many organisations including schools, village halls and community centres may not have a permanent stage fitted within the building, nor the space or funding to build one.  Most organisations require staging at certain times of the year for events and performances and need to source a staging system which suits their specific requirements.  These types of premises need to be multi-functional, have flexibility and be adaptable for the many different purposes that they are used for.  This may also be the case for hotels, functions rooms, corporate organisations and visitor attractions.

When choosing a stage you need to consider who will use the stage, what available space you have, how and where will the stage be stored when not in use.  Decisions also need to take into account the strength and durability of the stage which should be strong and durable enough to withstand regular use. If you intend to clear the stage away regularly to make your space available for other activities, it should be light, portable and easy to assemble and disassemble, with minimum effort.


How the Ultralight Staging System works

The aluminium risers concertina for storage and expand in seconds to form the base of the stage. The stage deck is placed on top of the stage riser and secured using the simple Allen key fixings on each corner. To join stage decks and risers together which are the same height, a clever locking system is found on alternate edges and once located into the adjacent stage deck, a simple twist of an Allen key and the decks are secured together. It's as simple as that. 

Certified to GS TUV DIN15921:2015-09 for load-bearing, stability, design and structure.

Ultralight is a modular staging system constructed from aluminium with a lightweight core.  The stage decks are available in many different sizes and are supplied in corded carpet, black vinyl, or for high-impact areas heavy-duty black vinyl.   Stage risers come in a choice of five heights.  You can mix and match to create steps and tiers using Riser Clamps to hold adjacent risers securely together.  Risers can also be joined together to create more height.

•  Simple assembly with Allen key provided
•  Formed with lightweight but extremely durable components
•  Clever concertina folding design
•  Join multiple staging components to create the stage area and height you require
•  Some sizes can be handled by one person although a two-person lift is recommended for larger decks
•  Tested to 1000kg m² even load distribution
•  Point load testing to 180kg
•  GS Approved construction


The Ultralight Staging System crafted by Gopak in our Kent factory, is the ideal solution to deliver the performance that you have always wanted.

This innovative folding modular staging system provides an extremely safe, lightweight, easy to assemble, quick to dismantle solution, for performances. Being lightweight, the components are easy to transport and are incredibly robust and durable.  It is this innovative combination that makes Ultralight Staging ideal for a variety of purposes, including school productions, events, conferences, choirs, gigs and concerts.

The Ultralight Staging system combines lightweight aluminium risers that concertina out similarly to a pop-up tent.  Opening up a stage riser from it's closed position is a simple one-man operation.  The stage deck is attached to the stage riser by simply using the Allen Key fixings, located at each corner of the stage deck.  It is a really simple product to assemble and a whole stage can be easily set up by one person, although we do recommend a two-person operation when moving and assembling our large 2m x 1m stage deck and risers.

To join decks and risers of equal height, all you need to do is link the decks and secure them with the cleverly designed locking cleat system, thus creating an extremely robust and solid structure.  When joining multi-level decks and risers, our simple-to-connect riser clamps will hold your stage securely together.

The stage decks and risers are supplied in a variety of shapes and sizes and have been designed to fit together to create the perfect platform for your performance or presentation.  We offer a wide choice of finishes, safety features and DDA-compliant solutions.  Take a look at our range of pre-determined packages to assist with your decision-making.  Optional extras include valance (stage skirting), safety rails, chair stop plates and storage trolleys

Ultralight is the only lightweight staging system in the UK to have achieved GS TUV accreditation DIN 15921:2015-09 for load bearing, stability, design and structure. 

As an assembled staging platform Ultralight has been tested to and achieved a uniform distribution load of 1000kg per m² and a point load test of 180kg. 

When you buy Ultralight Staging, you can be assured that you are buying a quality product that will prove to be a valuable investment and asset to your organisation.  It is this reliability combined with innovation that makes Ultralight ideal for a range of purposes across an array of sectors.

No of persons required:  Just one, though we do recommend a two-person operation when putting together the 2m x 1m decks and risers.

  • Risers are folded for storage.  To open for use, pull the middle sections apart, place on the floor and push down so all the base of the riser is level
  • Place the deck on top of the riser ensuring the holes in each corner of the stage deck and the corner screws on the risers are coupled
  • Secure the deck to the riser by tightening the Allen Key fixing located at each corner using the Allen key provided 
  • Alternatively, desks can be secured to the riser by twisting the riser tube on each corner
  • Repeat until you have your desired stage size and place the decks and risers together

    Join stage decks and risers of equal height together using the locking cleats located on the leading edge of  two sides of each stage deck. Align the two decks (and risers) so that they are flush with each other.  Tighten the locking cleats using the Allen key provided with the stage.  This will secure the stage decks together, so before you start to secure any decks, locate the cleats and ensure you are joining the correct sides together (don't have cleats on facing edges of adjoining decks).
  • If you are using the Ultralight Valance, simply add this to the edge of the stage by clipping the valance clips into the side extrusion of the stage deck.
    Anti-slip plugs can be added to each riser bottom block to prevent the stage from slipping on uneven floors.
  • When using your stage outdoors or on uneven surfaces, Ultralight Riser Levellers can be used to help bridge the gaps that may be present and create a firmer footing for your stage.
  • Please ensure that your stage is covered in inclement weather.  Ultralight staging is not waterproof and will be damaged if it becomes wet.  We recommend that you do not leave your stage outdoors.

Ultralight Staging is lightweight yet durable and can withstand intensive use for a range of different purposes. Your staging does not require special care, but we would advise that  you carefully store away the various staging components when not in use.  This will help to avoid accidental damage and keep your components clean and in working order.  By looking after your staging correctly, it will continue to provide service for many years to come.

School Staging

Ultralight Staging provides portable staging for schools without a built-in staging system. Its lightweight and modular design means that it is quick and easy to assemble and dismantle; it can then be folded into a small storage space when not in use.

Its innovative design means that it is suitable for a range of purposes, including music and drama performances, end-of-year plays and end-of-term award evenings.

Choir Staging

The lightweight and transportable design makes Ultralight staging perfect for choirs who need staging that is lightweight enough to be portable, easy to assemble and dismantle.

It can be folded up and fitted into small spaces, meaning it’s ideal for transporting to different venues.

Event Staging

If you require portable staging that can be easily transported in the back of a car or van for concerts, gigs, weddings, or charity events, then our Ultralight Staging is the ideal solution for venues of any size.

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