A Village Hall makes a great low-cost Wedding Venue

As you start the planning process for your big day, the first thing to decide on is where you are going to host your wedding celebrations.  It is no secret that specialist wedding venues know how to charge for exclusive use, which for many makes the cost of a wedding untenable.  Why not consider what you have on your doorstep -  your local village hall could be the most perfect place to put on a memorable yet affordable wedding party.

Here are a few reasons why

  1. Hall hire is usually charged by the hour and therefore fixed venue rates don’t apply
  2. Booking a village hall is usually more flexible than a venue and being run by the community for the community you will be looking at months not years ahead to enjoy your big day
  3. Your local caterer will be able to tailor to your needs and be more flexible in delivery at a cost more in keeping with your budget
  4. There is every chance that as you are already part of the local community you will know the venue and its potential and you should have free access to put your ideas into practice
  5. By decorating the hall yourselves, you will be able to put your mark on your day and keep those added costs in check.

Behind the scenes, most village halls have furniture that is lightweight and easily configured to a layout that will accommodate any size of wedding breakfast and that can be easily reconfigured to receive guests in the evening.   Tables and chairs can be dressed to the colours you have chosen for your day and any hall can be given that extra glitzy sparkle that you would expect from a high-end venue at a fraction of the cost.  

If your village hall is considering opening its facilities to the community as a wedding venue and needs to ensure they have the best folding furniture to play a supporting role, then have a browse around on this website or speak to our knowledgeable sales team on 0800 195 4255.  We can help you explore cost-effective solutions to make dreams become reality.