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Proud manufacturers of Gopak tables, benches, trolleys and Ultralight staging.

Contour25 Plus Folding Tables

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Get a little bit extra out of your folding table 

If you are looking for a lightweight table but it needs to be extra stable for the tasks in hand, look no further.  The Contour25 Plus folding table combines the lightweight credentials of the Contour25 with a strengthened leg for added stability.  Ideal for canteens, meetings, entertaining, display, sewing and craftwork.  By introducing a folding table to your space you can maximise seating capacity when designing and planning.

•  Lightweight with an exceptionally strong aluminium frame 
•  Strengthened leg for extra stability 
•  Easy to clean plastic laminate surface in a choice of 17 colours
•  Two heights (915mm length not available in 760mm high)
•  An unrivalled choice of lengths and widths to meet individual requirement
•  Simple fail-safe folding mechanism
•  Folds to a depth of 85mm for easy handling and storage
•  Gopak-designed trolleys available for transport and storage VIEW HERE
•  Weighs from 8.00kg to 14.20kg
•  500kg load bearing
•  100% recyclable frame
•  Conforms to BSEN 1729 Part 1 for Dimension fit SM 3, 4, 5 & 6
• Lifetime guarantee




Contour25 Folding Table Lengths

1830mm (6ft)1520mm (5ft)1220mm (4ft)915mm (3ft)

Contour25 Folding Table Widths 

760mm (30”)685mm (27”)610mm (24”)*480mm (19”)
(*480mm wide tables only available with 1830mm table length)



Contour25 Plus Table Heights

*760mm (30”)700mm (27.5”)

(*915mm table cannot be supplied in height of 760mm as legs won’t fold underneath tabletop)

Ensure you select the correct size for your requirements and your available space. SEE OUR HEIGHT GUIDE


6ft Table Top Sizes
1830mm x 760mm
1830mm x 685mm
1830mm x 610mm
1830mm x 480mm
5ft Table Top Sizes
1520mm x 760mm
1520mm x 685mm
1520mm x 610mm

4ft Table Top Sizes
1220mm x 760mm
1220mm x 685mm
1220mm x 610mm
3ft Table Top Sizes
915mm x 760mm
915mm x 685mm
915mm x 610mm

When choosing the correct height, you need to consider the height of the chair or bench you are planning to use with your table.
If you are only going to use the table to stand at then 760mm high is best for adult use.

GP23 Yellow
GP23 Yellow
GP44 Azure
GP44 Azure
GP43 Poppy Red
GP43 Poppy Red
GP15 White
GP15 White
GP63 Acid Green
GP63 Acid Green
GP65 Lilac
GP65 Lilac
GP45 Pea Green
GP45 Pea Green
GP47 Storm
GP47 Storm
GP46 Fuchsia
GP46 Fuchsia
GP41 Pastel Blue
GP41 Pastel Blue
GP42 Orange
GP42 Orange
GP36 Oak
GP36 Oak
GP37 Teak
GP37 Teak
GP38 Beech
GP38 Beech
GP39 Maple
GP39 Maple
GP64 Snow Grit
GP64 Snow Grit
GP35 Ailsa
GP35 Ailsa

The length between the table legs at sea height:
Table 1830mm long Internal dimensions = 1610mm
Table 1520mm long Internal dimensions = 1300mm
Table 1220mm long Internal dimensions = 1000mm
Table 915mm long  Internal dimensions = 695mm

The width between the table legs at seat height:
Table 760mm wide Internal dimensions = 510mm
Table 685mm wide Internal dimensions = 435mm
Table 610mm wide Internal dimensions = 410mm
Table 480mm wide Internal dimensions = 390mm

Depth when the table is folded85mm

Length of table Using chairs Using benches
1830mm (6ft) 6 to 8 6 adults - 8 children
1520mm (5ft)4 to 6    4 adults - 6 children
1220mm (4ft)   4 to 6    4 adults - 6 children
915mm (3ft)  2 to 4Not applicable


The number of chairs that will fit does depend on the width of the chairs being used.

L915 x W610mm8.00kg
L915 x W685mm8.50kg
L915 x W760mm9.00kg
L1220 x W610mm9.25kg
L1220 x W685mm9.60kg
L1220 x W760mm10.75kg
L1520 x W610mm10.90kg
L1520 x W685mm11.50kg
L1520 x W760mm12.50kg
L1830 x W480mm12.25kg
L1830 x W610mm12.35kg
L1830 x W685mm13.20kg
L1830 x W760mm14.20kg

The tabletop surface is High-Pressure Laminate similar to that used for kitchen worktops and should therefore be treated in the same way.  Never place very hot items directly onto the table top but use a board or mat.  To clean the table, use a damp cloth and a non-abrasive multi-purpose cleaner.  Regularly wipe the aluminium table frame and steel legs with a damp cloth to prevent any tarnishing.  

Position the end of the table on your upper thigh, then squeeze the cross tube with one hand gripping the open table leg with your other.  As the tube releases from the plastic leg retainers, lower the table leg down.  

Repeat using this method at the other end of the table or alternatively, hold the table with the underside facing you and squeeze the cross tube to release the leg.
One method we recommend is to place a table on top of another table or solid surface and then squeeze the cross tube to release the legs out of the plastic leg retainers. Once released, lower the leg and then move around to the other end of the table and repeat the process.
One method we recommend is to place a table on top of another table or solid surface and then squeeze the cross tube to release the legs out of the plastic leg retainers. 

Then lower the legs.  Move around the other end of the table and repeat.
If you have limited strength in your hands or are folding tables on a very regular basis you may find the FastFold tool to be a useful accessory.

Simply place the end of the tool under the cross tube and lever to release the legs and fold.

Once the legs are folded down, take hold of the underside of the table using the aluminium box extrusion and position your hand so that the weight is balanced. This is an easy one-man operation.

If you have several tables, these should be stored on their end and leaned at a slight angle against a wall or other solid structure.  

Alternatively, you may consider purchasing a table storage trolley available in two sizes.

Capacity: up to 14 Contour25 Plus folding tables

Capacity: up to 7 Contour25 Plus folding tables.

If you intend to pass your table trolley through any doorways, please check their dimensions prior to ordering.

Please avoid storing Contour25 plus folding tables in a damp place as this may cause the top to bow over time.

Unfortunately, table tops cannot be repaired or replaced if damaged. However, the plastic feet located at the bottom of the table legs can easily be replaced if they become worn with use.

Buy replacement feet

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