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Wedding Fair Set Up & Buyers Guide

                                                                                          Photo: David Higgs

Setting up a wedding fayre can be easier than you think. With a little forward planning and the right amount of preparation you can create inspirational wedding fayres with minimum fuss and effort. Here at Gopak we have created a comprehensive guide to help you through the process, informing you on everything from the best layout for a wedding fayre, the equipment you will need, top tips for exhibitors and so much more. We hope you find this guide useful and wish you the best of luck and every success.

The Best Layout for a Wedding Fayre

Wedding fayres, also known as Bridal shows are big events and as such it is important to keep the fayre layout flowing and not confuse any guests. The fayre should be laid out in a way so that guests can make direct comparisions and decisions when viewing different stands. So it is important to structure the layout into the different aspects of a wedding i.e.: 

• Keep all catering in one area 
• Keep all hair design and make-up in one area 
• Keep all flower arrangements in one area 
• Keep all entertainment in one area

Create Flyers

It is also a great idea to create flyers for the visitors showing the wedding fayre layout. Highlight each area, i.e. wedding catering area etc., so people can find their way around the wedding fayre both quickly and easily, giving them an enjoyable and stress free experience.



Photo: Shezamm

Not only should the different aspects of a wedding be set up in their individual areas, it is also important to have the catwalk staging at the back of the room in the centre with space for chairs on either side (U-Shape). This makes it easy for visitors to view the wedding dresses, wedding suits, and wedding outfits during the fashion show. Depending on the size of the fayre you can choose between using Ultralight staging or Heavy Duty staging

Lightweight staging is ideal to buy if you want the stage to be easily portable and compact for storage. Our heavy duty staging is good for semi-permanent installations if you plan to keep the staging up for a longer period of time. 

If you are really not sure which staging or chairs to use then feel free to contact us and we will do our very best to advise you. Also, why not have a quick peek and see if any of our staging or chairs are in our special offers section today?

What Do You Need For A Wedding Fayre?

• Stacking or Folding Chairs for exhibitors (booth) 
• Folding Tables for exhibitors (booth) 
• Chairs & Tables for wedding catering layout (catering area) 
• Chair & Table covers for booths and catering area 
• Bar /Refreshment area 
• Staging for bridal wear show 
• Fridges 
• Storage Units 
• Reception area 
• Health & Safety / Fire Safety / Security / First Aid

Wedding Fayre Stand Booth


Photo: Victoria Watkin-Jones

Wedding fayre stand booths are an important part of the wedding fayre. The type of booth and location are important to exhibitors. Remember when promoting the wedding fayre to possible exhibitors that you include a layout that details: 

• Price per stand 
• Size of stand 
• Location of stand

Wedding Stand Folding Tables

For the normal stands which simply display i.e. wedding cards samples you might want to go for these tables: However, for the area where the wedding decoration will be taking place you may have to allow the exhibitors to set up tables, as if at an actual wedding, in order to show different possible layouts. 
You might have to mix it up a little to show decoration on both large round tables as well as long rectangular tables. To do this you can use the following products from Gopak, round folding tables and premier folding tables.

Contour Tables
Round Tables
Premier Tables

Wedding Stand Folding Table Covers


Of course you will need some beautiful folding table covers designed to enhance and fit all brands of folding tables. 
These covers can also be used for all the folding tables used in the individual wedding fayre stands, helping to give the whole fayre a more coherent look and wedding feel. 
Here you can see our Gopak round folding tables being used at a wedding that has been well dressed. 

Wedding Stand Folding Chairs

You needn’t use expensive chairs for the wedding fayre booths. Inexpensive folding chairs such as the one below are ideal and great value too.

Wedding Stand Folding Chair Covers

To add a more luxurious look to the folding chairs why not use some folding chair covers ?

Invite Exhibitors to the Wedding Fayre

You will want to make your wedding fayre as comprehensive as possible, catering for all possible needs of the bride and groom. Consider working with a local wedding planner to make sure you have all areas covered such as: 

• Wedding Photography 
• Wedding Cakes 
• Wedding Fashion 
• Wedding Beauty i.e. Make-up / Hair 
• Wedding Flower Arrangements i.e. for Bouquets, Flower arrangements for Venue 
• Wedding Venue Hire 
• Wedding Car Hire 
• Wedding Catering 
• Wedding Cards / Invitations 
• Wedding Accessories 
• Wedding Decoration i.e. Table Decorations etc. 
• Wedding Entertainment + Dance Floor + Live Bands 
• Wedding Jewellery

Good Luck!

We hope that this guide has been helpful in planning your upcoming wedding fayre and has given you plenty of ideas on how to layout the venue, what equipment to use and who to invite. If you need any advice on any of our products we recommend using for the fayre, please do not hesitate to contact us,  Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter. You can also sign up to our newsletter below to receive our latest offers and promotions. Thank you and good luck.