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Portable Staging Buyers Guide

Portable Staging is incredibly versatile and perfect for a range of events, including fashion shows, talent shows, karaoke, exhibitions, conferences, theatre productions, award ceremonies and so on.


There are a variety of benefits to portable staging, including being able to store it away to re-use again, that it can be assembled and disassembled quickly and easily and that it can easily be transported between venues. The units fold to less than 3% of their open size! Ultralight portable stages are safe, lightweight, easy to assemble and quick to dismantle.
Use our free stage planner to see how flexible our portable staging systems can be, suitable for rooms of every shape and size.

Ultralight Portable Staging Systems provide an extremely safe, lightweight, easy to assemble, quick to dismantle and user-friendly system. It couldn't be simpler - an expanding aluminium base and a lightweight staging platform which are quickly and easily assembled by one person. Individual component weights comply with Health and Safety operational guidelines.
Although individual components are extremely lightweight, together, they form an incredibly strong staging unit, which supports a uniform distributed load of 1000kg per sq. metre.

Ultralight portable stages are easy to transport and store. The base units fold to less than 3% of their open size and the stage platforms have a depth of only 30mm. We offer a wide range of sizes and finishes including a range of carpet colours and vinyl. Valances are available in a choice of four colours and there are a range of accessories including hand and guard rails
Ultralight storage trolleys will help you move and store your portable staging when not in use and can be wheeled away into a cupboard until you next need the stage.

The ultralight™ staging systems provides an extremely safe, lightweight, easy to assemble, quick to dismantle and user friendly system.


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The ultralight™ staging systems provides an extremely safe, lightweight, easy to assemble, quick to dismantle and user friendly system.
Our portable staging packages include everything you need to construct a stage, including the platform tops, legs, linking wedges and step units.
Constructed from high quality aluminium, heavy duty staging is safe and durable, as well as easy to install and move. Additional individual components, such as heavy duty portable stage tops and leg sets, are also available.


Even heavy duty staging is relatively lightweight and easy to move, but you'll probably find it considerably easier to move it around with a secure storage trolley.
Add a touch of class to your stage by adding a stage valance. It can hide storage under the stage or prevent mischievous youngsters crawling underneath. Safety is paramount, so consider adding a guard or hand rail, particularly for step units. Linking wedges and clamps are also available to ensure that each element of the staging equipment is safely secured.

You can simply add a set of wheels and handle to the stage deck to create a trolley for the safe storage and transportation of our stage.


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The stage is linked together using the clever clamps supplied.
In addition to this great range of portable staging products, available as combined packages or individual items,

Gopak also provide a free portable stage planner. This allows event planners to organise their staging and get a visual representation of how the combined individual elements will look and function. Simply enter the stage units and arrange on-screen.

Gopak also provide a free portable stage planner.