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Office Furniture Buyers Guide

When investing in office furniture, it's best to think carefully about exactly what is going to suit your needs. If you decide that having office furniture which is flexible, modular and easy to store is in your interests, then you should definitely talk to us. Gopak are the UK's leading supplier of folding and modular office furniture and we've got the solutions to meet your office furniture needs.
The aluminium-framed folding tables offered are lightweight, collapsible and adjustable. If you never know what your office furniture requirements will be from one day to the next, then these flexible pieces of furniture are just for you. 
There are a range of tables offered which come in a large variety of sizes, heights, colours and shapes and can be used for a wide range of different purposes as well as fixed leg tables from our Enviro range.

Strong yet light, Versatile and easy to use, Fold flat for storage


One of the most important pieces of office furniture is chairs, and Gopak have a range of office seating including 
steel chairsupholstered folding chairs and plastic stacking chairs. 

 and benches are also available so whatever your needs, our office furniture can meet your demands.

A versatile range of chairs that stack up to 12 high.


Gopak also have a range of screens to help you kit out your office. Screens are a great way to make better use of space, to add privacy to working environments and to partition between departments or projects. 

Transform your space with a mobile, free standing portable partition.

These panelled screens are flexible and free standing. They can be pulled around into required shapes, and have full length hinges for safe and stable operation and movement. They are even sound absorbent, so why not consider our panelled screens for your office?


If you need to share work information, or maybe even jokes or messages of encouragement, then notice boards are a great way of doing that. They can also come in handy for presentations or sales pitches. 

Display Boards including glass, felt & cork.

Gopak provide a range of whiteboards which wipe clean with a dry cloth. White boards can be revolving, double-sided and magnetic, as well as the size of your choice. 

The revolving white boards are built onto a trolley with wheels for full mobility and some even have feint grid lines to help keep displays tidy.


Gopak have recently launched an innovative office product - The Glass Wipeboard. This product is totally hygienic and unlike whiteboards no marker residue is left behind. The boards have smart anodised fixings and are ideal for any environment.

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