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Top 5 School Fundraising Ideas


Here at Gopak, we have a wide variety of quality products to help you set up a successful fundraising event. Whether you need light folding tables, superb portable staging or easy to use stacking chairs and benches, we can provide them all at a very affordable price. We hope to fire up your imaginations by providing you with our top 10 fundraising ideas that could work for your school or church. From sponsored activities to staging special one-off events there is bound to be something that takes your fancy. Happy fundraising! Sponsorship is a popular way of fundraising for charity. Have a look at our list below for some fun ideas on what to get your friends, family and co-workers to sponsor you for.


Sports Day

Everyone loves a good sports day and you are guaranteed to have a great turnout if you organise one at your school during the school day. The kids will love the opportunity to do something active and their family will enjoy watching their children have fun! 

In order to raise funds you can set up collection boxes but also have additional activities such as sponge throwing or sponsored parent-child egg spoon racing and why not include a craft sale, cake stall and other games, transporting your sports day into a mini fete. After all you already have a captive audience. 

You will need to provide everyone with refreshments, so make sure you have some tables set up with a range of soft drinks and fruit to keep everyone’s energy up. You could even include a bake sale on the day. 


Computer Games Tournament

A fantastic way to lift the mood of the children and keep them active is to run a Wii or Xbox gaming tournament in the evening and invite their family along. If you can get the caretaker to set up the console into the main school hall with projector and ask anyone with controllers to bring them along controllers you could have large groups competing with Just Dance or run a tennis tournament. 

There are a few ways you can raise funds with this. If you can get enough people involved you could attempt to beat some gaming world records, such as the longest running game or most players on Just Dance. You could also ask the players to get sponsorship before the tournament. In addition, the audience will want to remain entertained so you could run some smaller gaming activities in the hall at the same time. 
For younger children you can include some lighter activities and provide them with some activity tables.


Remote Car Racing

Most families have a remote control toy. Whether it’s an RC helicopter or quadcopter Dad got for Christmas, an RC racing car to keep the kids entertained or a motor boat that is Granddads pride and joy. 

Running a remote control toy racing event not only keeps everyone entertained, it makes for some great footage that you could post on YouTube. 
Those involved will enjoy sponsoring their chosen RC toy and cheering the pilots on during the race. 
Remember do your research before the event to make sure that you’re running a safe event. It would also be a good idea to charge an entry fee for additional funds.


School Fete

There really is nothing better than a good school fete to help raise funds for charity. Get the parents involved with running a variety of stalls including face painting, a cake and plant sale, sponge throwing, hula hooping and a table top craft sale.
Another popular idea for a school fete is to ask everyone to bring in any unwanted books and run a book sale. 


Scavenger Hunt

This is a very popular choice over easter. Hide lots of little easter eggs throughout your school grounds and include clues that lead each team to an eventual giant easter egg or cuddly bunny. In order to raise funds for charity this scavanger hunt would need to involve sponsorship. The children could take home a sponsorship form and ask their family to help get sponsors for their team before the event. 

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