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Early Years Furniture Buyers Guide

Gopak, as the leading supplier of UK designed and built furniture, can provide excellent nursery furniture solutions, all of which are EU safety approved


and perfect for young developing minds. No matter the size of the nursery or age-group of the children, we have a massive range of early years furniture, as well as add-ons and accessories, for all-in-one nursery tables, chairs, and storage packages.

Creating a safe and stimulating environment for children should be the top priority of a nursery, and choosing the right furniture and appliances will play a big part in this.

The furniture must be safe and secure for children to use, whilst being durable enough to withstand daily use by children. For maintaining an orderly and tidy play area, Gopak offers colourful stacking plastic chairs, which neatly fit together and can be stored away with ease, as well as strong folding tables which can also be easily put away after use, as well as easily maintained with a simple wipe down.


Above all else, a nursery must retain the element of fun, to create an environment in which children will be happy and stimulated enough play together. As well regular folding tables, our educational play tables are a fun answer to furniture, with unique patterns and designs that will appeal to playful children of all ages. We also offer environmentally friendly furniture for nurseries.

Themed Playtime

With the Gopak range of themed play furniture, a nursery to a child can become a roaring ocean or a bustling city! Play tables can help assist a child in having a creative playtime, giving


them the space to play alone or with their friends. Within the current range of nursery furniture, you could choose a mighty galleon, a big red bus, or a roaring steam train, all of which are made of high quality MDF wood.

Each piece of play furniture is easy to assemble, tried and tested for safety, and can add a real feeling of excitement to a modern nursery environment, and in our experience this really encourages participation.

Fun & Useful Storage Solutions

With all the books, toys, and accessories you’re likely to find in the modern nursery, it’s important to have workable storage solutions that are useful to minders, appealing to children, and available in a range of colours so they do not clash with your current nursery


decorating ideas. Because of the ever-changing and fast paced nature of a nursery setting, having mobile storage is very important, as static furniture presents a safety risk if it is pulled or tugged at by children.

Storage mobility can also be useful for playtime, in which a bookcase on wheels can moved around a nursery for a more fun and engaging story time. Then, once playtime is over, the storage boxes can be safely wheeled back into place. For everything else, we have a range of quality bookcases and tray storage solutions, which are ideal for giving each child their own space for storing drawings or personal items.

Easy to Manage Lunchtime


Lunchtime at the nursery can be quite hectic, and with so many hungry mouths to feed you need the right equipment to make light work of it all. Gopak nursery dining room units are colourful, fun, and the perfect solution to a busy lunchtime, with an easy to use cutlery trolley for serving, and a waste cleaning trolley for cleaning up afterwards.

All our nursery dining room appliances are available in a select range of customisable designs, each intended to promote healthy eating amongst nursery children, as well as lightweight for easy setup, storage, and deconstruction, and have ample space for providing enough food for everyone.

Gopak offer many other items suitable for a nursery

  • Whiteboards and noticeboards are excellent for engaging children
  • We offer stacking benches for bringing together large groups of children
  • Stools also make useful nursery furniture, made from durable plastic and easily stackable
  • We have a range of spare parts for all our products to ensure their upkeep

Nursery Packages
At a special discounted price, we are offering the following packages:


£910 plus VAT

  • 2 x Daisy tables 530mm high, red top, light grey edge
  • 12 x OneLeg stools 320mm blue
  • 1 x Play bus
  • 1 x 1220mm Tub table blue top 546mm high
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£890 plus VAT

  • 2 x RD/CL40 round tables blue top, 546mm high
  • 12 x E-series chair 310mm red
  • 1 x Train
  • 1 x AT/CB6 activity table town 546mm high
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£825 plus VAT

  • 2 x Contour tables C/AB2 1830mm x 685mm x 635mm high yellow top
  • 4 x Contour benches C/AF2 1830mm x 254mm x 381mm high yellow top
  • 1 x Galleon
  • 1 x Kinderbox multi
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Gopak can also offer free delivery in the UK. If you have questions regarding our nursery range, or would like to make any special requests for your order, please contact us today.