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Deignton Primary School’s active sitting trial....


Deignton Primary School’s active sitting trial....

If you visit any Scandinavian country it is clear to see that they are embracing the health benefits that active sitting can offer. While on a British Council supported mission to Finland, Michael Gough, Head Teacher at Deignton Primary School in Tredegar saw first hand how Scandinavian pupils were benefitting from kinaesthetic movement while learning, with visible improvement in posture and engagement during lessons.

Michael wanted this for his own pupils and sourced both OneLeg and Moov stools from Gopak Ltd. Without the cost being prohibitive, the stools are being trialled by Y2 and Y6 pupils and so far the feedback has been excellent.

Deignton’s trial results

• Fun - Children are engaged more.

• Behaviour - Boys are having a chance to move. This kinaesthetic movement is important for them. They are able to use their physicality without feeling that they are fidgeting or off task and that is having a positive impact on their learning.

• Posture improved. They even recognise that themselves and says it stops them slouching.

• No negative impact on work - In fact children report they can adjust better and therefore do not spin work around to write, but rather spin themselves around instead. In many cases, work has improved. There has certainly been no negative impact - quite the opposite.

• It’s an excellent product. The design is very good. The idea, like all good ones, is very simple. We have been impressed in the difference it has made in our
classrooms. Michael Gough

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